Support and Partnership

A Woman Escapes

Journey Into Cinema is an independent, mostly one-man team. If you would like to support the website, we have an easy-to-use Ko-Fi button for donations.

We currently offer three tiers of donation opportunities.

  • For a simple donation, from €1 upwards, we will offer a shoutout in the newsletter and a link to your page/brand on our website. If you donate with regards to a certain article written by a contributor, please name the piece and I’ll make sure 50% goes to that writer.
  • For €50 and upwards, I will personally write on any Hollywood Niche film of your choice. To qualify, it should have under 1,000 reviews on Letterboxd and be released before 2010.
  • For €100 and upwards, become a partner of our site. Your company logo will be listed on our page.

For guest post opportunities, more in-depth partnerships and more, please feel free to contact me at [email protected].