Write For Us

We’re always looking for jaded voices to write articles for us. Sadly. as this is a purely cynical exercise created with the sole intention of making as much money as possible, we will regrettably pay you for your efforts.

Likes: Eastern European films, obscure movies with famous faces, A-list actors in B-list action movies, festival efforts, female filmmakers, sexy people, 35mm, humanist cinema, low-key vibes, good films, polemics.

Dislikes: Overhyped British cinema, prestige horror, TV, Netflix Originals, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Twitter discourse, cheap American politics.


Pitches are closed!

Current flat rate: 8 cents (Euros) a word, with pieces ideally between 200 and 1200 words.

Currency: Euros, pounds or dollars.

Language: British English. Sorry, y’all.

Payment method: PayPal is preferred, but bank transfer possible.

AI/Plagiarism: Not tolerated whatsoever, will instantly void any contract or deal.

Email: [email protected]

Pitch Guidelines: Send a little bio, previous festival coverage (if any), and what you’d like to tackle.

Note: The budget is relatively low, so will probably only commission 3-4 articles a month. We also reserve the right not to run an article if it doesn’t meet our standards. Kill fee is 25% of the initial commission.